Friday, September 18, 2009

My Space

Have you ever lived in a space or spent lots of time in a place that was quite comfortable to you. You may have spent lots of time here by filling this place with all the things that create positive energy for you. You look forward to being there and on occasion opening it up for others to enjoy with you. In this place you find solitude, peace, understanding and no worries about the cares of this world. You feel like this is your area with a chalk line drawn around you so others don’t invade this location that works for you, if they are not invited. I remember as a child, my brother and I shared rooms for what seemed like to me as a little girl—forever. I would carve out my side of the room, even though we had bunk beds, marking claim to my territory. My brother could care less about a territory, but these days he basks in the privilege of having his own space to breathe every now and then. If you think about it even Jesus had a place to retreat to just get his head right; he often removed himself from the masses to pray and meditate. This space alone gave him renewed strength to press on another day. Without this time of refuge he would always have people in his ears, tugging on his clothes, leading him this way and that way.
Jesus is the perfect example of how to break away and find or even carve out a place or space in your life that will allow you to become renewed. Why is it so hard to just be still sometimes? If we were left to our own devices we would never stop, like an energizer bunny going, going, going until the battery no longer works and you come to a complete stop and fall on your face. Even God took 6 days to work and had 1 day of rest, why don’t we? It took God dumping my full plate of my stuff to fall out of my hands (like I had been to a buffet). Being the person that I am God made it so that I have to take account of what comes in my life (or on my plate) before I place it there. This is easy to do when you let God show you what is important and needs to be added unto you. The only way to hear God is take some time in your space or place to hear Him, become rejuvenated and rested. We all want God to increase or expand our territory but most times we're just not ready physically, spiritually, nor mentally. It’s really up to you! Find a place to be still and you can hear His voice and find peace for your soul.

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