Thursday, October 8, 2009

Life Interrupted

Life can sometimes get in the way of what you have planned. We always plan our days knowing in our minds that the day will turn out the way we planned it in our heads or on a scribbled piece of paper. Most times we don’t consider God in our planning; we may pray and tell God what we are going to do, never considering what God has for you to do. We treat God as an actor in our play, when we should look to Him as the Executive Producer and Jesus Christ as the Director—in this thing called life.

Look at Job, his life was just wonderful until things started to go south and his life was no longer simple, but complicated. Job lost everybody and everything—his life had been interrupted. Never in a million years would I thought or even imagined that at the age of 35 I would be so dependent on others—I had it all planned out, until things in my life began to go south. Sickle Cell Disease or any disease for that matter that completely consumes you is what I call a life interruption. These interruptions come at the most inopportune times. This funny thing called life has it peaks and valleys, highs and lows, and it is your decision or choice to stay in the valley with your head in your hands crying or look to God for your help.

Life interruptions can cause one to become angry, depressed, left in disbelief, or even at the verge of giving up. During these times take an account of what is important to you, what battles are really worth fighting, or if it is worth the energy to be negative. Just start over! Come up with a new plan and this time include God, ask Him what does He thinks—be ready for the answers and move on. Don’t remain in that valley, crying your eyes out, but hold your head up high and wait for God this time. Don’t be surprised if there are more life interruptions; just know that God is there for you at each interruption in this thing called life.

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