Saturday, November 28, 2009

Being Content

To be content means to be satisfied with what one is or has; not wanting more of anything else. In a culture of more, more, more we all have that next thing on our list to check off, that next piece of clothing to buy, the newest gadget, the latest car, the most happening hair-do me-do & you-do. What happened to just being content? Instead of what society says–what’s wrong with you doing you? Do we even know how to be content with what we have? Why is it so necessary to show the next person up or appear to be better than the Jones’ or the folks down the street?

Can we not just be….I think that is what being content means—is to just be. Paul in Philippians says that he has learned in whatever state he’s in to be content. We teach our children that they’re not who they should be if they are not wearing the latest fashions or armed with the latest gaming system. I remember growing up, loving life, and being so content with playing outside with my friends, drinking from the hose pipe, making bee bops, jumping rope, and playing jacks—I still love to do these things with my nieces and nephew.

Being content requires you not focusing on the stuff-its of life, but just enjoying and being in the company of loved ones by putting on an old pair of jeans, lounging around, and just enjoying life. I think sometimes we can allow life to just pass us by, like riding on a subway and forgeting to get off and enjoy the scenery. Jesus said he came so that we may enjoy life to the full! Today take a deep breath and stop adding more to do’s to your list and just sit back, relax, and ask God to teach you how to be content. This kind of contentment that I speak of will feed and fill your soul, and can even make you whole. Pray that God will give you a new pair of eyes, wisdom, and understanding so you can see, that it is all right sometimes to just be content.

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