Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Do You Have Room?

We have room for everything under the sun these days! Room meaning your time, attention, efforts, and energy directing at or being used for a specific thing or person. We make room for whatever makes us feel as if we have power, comfort, control and/or happiness. It is so funny that we read the nativity story and say I would have given up my bed and even prepared a feast for Mary & Joseph. That’s just it, we love to say what we would have done, but the truth about the matter is when we are in the moment, at a particular space in time, to make a decision that could ultimately affect someone else we don’t have any room for it.

This year I’ve been so lackadaisical about purchasing gifts because I’ve come to enjoy the company of loved ones verses what I can give someone that will only provide that person with a temporary emotion. What can be given to loved ones that will last forever—a lifetime? Memories, especially good ones, are a lot more important to me these days, than more gadgets, clothing, or figurines that only clutter my home even more. People don’t understand or even realize that all these things are taking up way to much room in their lives already. This year, as I do throughout the year, I have resorted to walking around my home and giving away things to people that will provide a lasting memory. I am baking and opening my cupboards to see what will benefit someone else and create lasting memories. Think about it do you remember what you received 5 years ago for Christmas. What are some of the memories you have from Christmases past?

Joseph & Mary were in desperate need of a room, someone’s room, anyone’s room and it is so ironic that no one had room for the Lord and Savior that we call upon everyday who always has room for us. I’m sure they never forgot the day Mary gave birth to her first son, who is God’s Son, and the Son that gives us access to God on a daily basis. Think about it, a stable with animals—imagine the smell. This is the memory that they never forgot all their days on this earth. On the day Mary gave birth no one had room or even wanted to make room for a couple who had a child on the way. Do we have room for Jesus Christ in our lives or do we have so much going on, too many things in our home (and lives), and trying to get this and that causing us to completely fill our schedules with lots of stuff, but no room for Jesus. I don’t really like clich├ęs but Jesus is truly the reason for this season, make room for Him in your life, home, and in all that you do—He always has room for you.

By TKay (Tina Hughes) author of “TKay’s Inspirationals: Walking In Your Season”

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  1. Tina, as I read my eyes remained watered. Beautiful posting but then it got religious on me. It all boiled down to accepting Jesus in ur life in which I do not agree or I may have mis-interpeted what you said. Accepting Jesus, whom I think is an awesome person, can be done in one's behavior toward others. Anyone can "say" they accept Jesus and still treat children like crap, treat their family members like crap and treat others like crap. I find many folk think they are better than others who has not 'Accepted" this Jesus in the fashion of traditions.

    I would never accept the God or Jesus of my mother, the woman who raised me and I am angered today that person who accepted Jesus also killed her son, starved him, beat him and killed him.

    I like the first part when you opened your cubbards, when you gave away important things to others, that is Jesus. It scares me when a single black mother accepts this Jesus because that means their kids will be beten and disrespected and abused all in the name of Jesus.

    Please forgive my writings if you find it offensive or direspectful.

    Keep it all up...You are a Beautiful Soul...Peace..