Sunday, February 21, 2010


When you are broken it is easier to just fall apart, forget about the pieces that had been taken from you, the pieces stolen from you, the pieces that were left behind, the missing pieces that have forced you to adjust to your environment….the pieces you simply do not have anymore, the pieces that were God given gifts, the pieces that made you the person you were called to be, the pieces that long ago made you whole…For so long I told myself its okay, I’m fine, It will get better, and this to shall pass…..

But today when I woke up and decide, ENOUGH….I will no longer allow other’s to take from me, the very fabric of what holds me together, the glue that keeps my pieces from just falling off as I walk….I will no longer be a broken mess ENOUGH….Today I call those things that be not as though they are…Today I will pick up all the pieces, the fragments, the leftovers….all that I can possibly find so that I can offer them up to God, so that He and only He can make me whole again….These pieces (that make me who I am) may not mean much to you, but God grieves because these pieces , these parts, this broken person was long ago pieced together carefully in The Potter’s hands for His use…You see I was perfect when He molded me many years ago and He even thought about me long before I was in my mother’s womb….It grieves Him because He made me…the person you see before you, may not look broken on the outside, but there are pieces missing within….my makeup may be flawless & my fashionable clothes are freshly pressed, but there is something missing….So right now I lie prostrate before God and offer Him all of the broken pieces that I can possibly find so maybe, just maybe He will make me whole again.

I’m tired of being the girl with the broken wing…but today I will allow Elohim (my God who is all powerful, Jehovah Rohi (He is indeed my Shepard), Jehovah Jireh (He is my only provider), Jehovah Rapha (You are my healer),Jehovah Shalom (You are my peace), El Shaddai (You are God Almighty) to take these pieces and do with them as He sees fit….He hears my cry and wipes my tears then He completely wraps me in His wings, in His bosom, in His love, in His care and nurtures this broken soul, this broken woman you see before you…I go to God & He like no other is capable of wiping away my tears and He kisses my forehead…Today I cry Enough and that is all that seems to come out of my mouth as tears roll down my face I whisper Enough….I trust You and only You to make me whole again and for that I love you.

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