Monday, April 19, 2010

Sucking You Dry

This funny thing called life has so many doors through which we can open, go through, and sit for a while. During the duration of your stay in that room allows God to give you so many lessons that He wants you to learn. He is showing you new things that have always been in your life but now you see it and understand it a little clearer. He wants you to move from room to room (elevation to elevation) so He can give you wisdom! But it is so hard for people to leave certain rooms in life because they are not paying attention, they are stuck on stupid, allowing others to hold them back or even holding themselves back. A lot of the problems that come with moving from room to room or elevation to elevation are the people with whom you surround yourself. Its okay if your life has changed in such a way where you have to leave people (even the ones you love) right there so you can keep moving. A life without change or movement is a life of death--change has to take place for anything or anybody to grow and live.

life is just too precious and uncertain to play mental gymnastics with people who have little minds, no goals, and negative attitudes. Today let's pull the cord on all these people who are plugged into you (like you are an extension cord) sucking you dry of all of your positive energy, peace, happiness, and joy; right out of you. But the key is you must remain lugged into the source (God). Today what are you going to choose your sanity, peace, joy, happiness, and an open space for God to work in your life or continuing status quo? It's time, past time to move to the next room and unplug yourself from those who are sucking you dry.

By Tina Kay Hughes, Author of "TKay's Inspirationals: Walking In Your Season"

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  1. This is the truth You can suck yourself dry,too. I have put a wall around myself hiding from the world. I am so glad I came to your blog TKay because you are inspirational. I lived next door to you for many years and never would hve known your plight if I had not discovered facebook. I would be one of those people you frown upon because I looked at your picture and said "TKay has turn into a beautiful woman AND I JUST KNOW SHE'S NOT iLL" You are beautiful to me from the inside and that is more important really. Keep doing what you are doing because God is all powerful, loving,caring and able to make what you pray for come true, just as long as you do as He command. Think about this your body is here for a time and it is put away to form ashes, but your soul will live on with God. NO PAIN, NO SORROW.bUT YOU CAN TAKE PLEASURE IN KNOWING YOU TOUCHED THE LIVES (well at least my life) With positives I needed these words you wrote THANKS.
    Therese (terri)Braford Mitchell