Saturday, May 29, 2010

I Want To Fly

I work with young teenage girls and I am constantly drilling into them that they must love themselves before they will ever have the ability to love anyone else or allow anyone else to enter thier space to love them. These girls are very similar to me, I think we are butterflies with broken wings and no one wants somthing or somebody that is broken. So other butterflies see our beauty on the outside then they begin to see the other side that is broken and not whole so, the others fly away because honetly what can you do with a butterfly who cannot fly, be free, be in the open, be liberated, and just be what it was meant to do fly free...I always say to my girls you better love you, learn to love (yourself) first and everything that is broken, God will begin to mend those broken wings. I've been saying that for so long to others that sometimes I fail to realize that as I try pouring into others my vessel has all kinds of cracks and I have to allow God to put me back together before I can hold all that He is filling me with. But in the meantime, I still pour what I have into those who are broken just like me, waiting for their wings to be mended so they are ready when the time comes to fly free.

We too often think, everything will be alright--but it does take working on those areas in life that need mending, fixing, and putting back together again. We don't want to really pull back a few layers in our lives (like an oinion) because it will cause tears to flow, things that had been repressed to come to the surface that need to be dealt with. Life is all about mending those things that have been broken at some point in time. No one is or will ever be perfect so we all have some mending to do.
by TKay, author of "TKay's Inspirationals: Waling In Your Seaosn"

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