Thursday, July 15, 2010


Sometimes do you want to just go to the airport and buy a plane ticket to the next destination to anywhere, somewhere, but not here….maybe sometimes you wish you could travel in time….or even just jump in the car and ride and ride and ride with no destination in mind….The worries of this world, the disappointments, the heart aches and breaks can send you to a point of wanting to just fly away, get away, and find a place to feel free….

Some days I feel as if I am this butterfly in the cocoon fully developed but there is duct tape all over the outside of the cocoon so I can’t push my way out…the evolution of the butterfly is when it gets to a point of being fully developed (just like a baby) it is time to come out into the world…come out of a place of development….the butterfly has to push itself (breaking through) the cocoon without any help…the break through that it must experience maybe painful and it may be a struggle but the butterfly has to crack that cocoon open with no help, if help is provided the butterfly will die….this is the way God has set this thing called life up, with the butterfly experiencing a difficult situation to be free….when the butterfly pushes through it squeezes all of the excess fluid inside it’s body out and if someone helps it, death is the consequence (because the fluid remains in the body of the butterfly not allowing it to live).

Same holds true in this life thing…we must experience a development period (or a period of preparation to get us ready for another level in life); during this period, it’s not pretty, it does not feel good, and it may be you all alone. But when that breakthrough time comes and you can begin to see the light and taste the air that’s when you discover you are almost to a place of freedom…when that butterfly breaks through, oh my goodness liberation is so sweet.

But I’m not like your typical butterfly there is duct tape all over my cocoon! With the duct tape representing me holding myself back, not believing, afraid, uneasy of what out there looks like, or not believing and having faith. I want freedom, maybe that’s why I want to just get away and fly away from here, but first I have to remove all these limitations I’ve placed on myself that prevent me from coming out of my cocoon. How do I begin to remove this duct tape, which represents self inflicted obstacles? I want liberation, freedom, to be able to fly away, to be a free spirit; but I’m still in this cocoon as I work on slowly removing my own confinement, my own blockades, my own restrictions, and boundaries.

One of these days I will be free just like that butterfly, a free spirit—liberated. Oh! Liberation is so good, it is peace, it is happiness, it is being in your right mind, it is trusting, it is believing in something bigger than you and I. Liberation is deliverance, emancipation, and exoneration. Oh Liberation I gotta have you!
By Tina Hughes, author of “TKay’s Inspirational: Walking In Your Season”

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