Friday, September 24, 2010

Real Talk

What you should know about me is my energy is one that leaves a room of people glad to have been in my presence…What you should know about me is when I’m there, in your presence you have my full undivided attention for that moment in time….what you should know about me is I say what I feel and I’m done with it and its time to push on….what you should know about me is I try to leave or plant a seed that will someday produce something good for those in my presence, so one day they can say you planted a seed many moons ago that caused me to rethink some things in my life…make a few adjustments, cut off some dead weight in my life, or pursue a dream that appeared to be unattainable…
Real Talk everyone has an energy that exudes from them and you can feel a person's vibe the moment you are in their see, when you are surrounding yourself with anyone who is not looking to be elevated in life or even help you elevate and grow by sharing themselves in a positive way with you or others, or being a beacon of light in a dark are essentially wasting your time....that's on you, you decided to loose that time with fake want-a-bees.....
Real Talk….I'm me, and that's all, no preservatives, additives, nor are there any extras that make me who I am and who I have been called to is about flowing and moving forward like those moving floors in the large airports that move you along from corridor to corridor, its no stopping in life…you see a lot of people don’t realize if you are not constantly moving, growing, pushing forward in a positive manner then you are essentially in a place where death is overtaking you slowly and you don’t even realize it…Real Talk you don’t realize it because you are comfortable, it feels good, its convenient, and it does not cause any chaos in this life that you have ordered for yourself….so how long will you sit there on the shelf with the preservatives and additives trying to keep you alive emotionally, spiritually, & physically…..please believe the expiration date will soon come
Real Talk….Once you stop to take a look at the fake flowers you've wasted your time with I hope you realize you’ve missed your season to get a real flower that will grow, produce, vegetate, and give you something real and living to work with…unlike that plastic stuff you bought for the time being.
Real Talk….this is just me and you….what are you waiting on, yesterday is gone, tomorrow is not promised, and this moment right here right now is all that matters….so I ask you what type of vibe are you leaving and giving to others….who is around you that is sucking the very fabric of your being from you…Are you faking it to make it….Are you sitting on a shelf waiting for your expiration date to come so you will be removed from the shelf…are you moving, are you growing……
Real Talk….who are you, what do you stand for, what are you doing, and what is your destiny…..Real Talk, your destiny is not going to fall out of the sky into your lap so do something today that is real.
By TKay Author of "TKay's Inspirationals: Walking In Your Season"

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