Saturday, October 30, 2010

The What If's In Life

The what ifs in life….sometimes we need to prepare for things in life even if we don’t know they are coming…what exactly are the what ifs…..the what ifs in life, they tend to catch us on our blind side & we don’t have a clue or even know they are on the way, but they come anyway…..the what if’s in life.... are we properly preparing for those things….we all have what ifs in life, there is no way around these what ifs in our lives they just show up like an uninvited house guest who stay, and stay, and stay... they can’t be stopped they are like a freight train or subway ready to dump off a load of what ifs in your life of all these things and people that you were not expecting to show up…what are you doing to prepare for the what ifs in your life.....please believe the what if's are coming....Get ready cause the what ifs don't care about who you are, what you do, your hopes and dreams or anything about you....the what ifs just COME!!!!


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