Monday, December 27, 2010

Our Caves

Have you ever found yourself in hiding or what some may call some “Alone Time”? We often allow the hustle and bustle of this world to send you to a place where you withdraw yourself from the world’s foolishness. We all have moments, days, or even weeks like this; because we honestly believe no one can help nor understand you. So you go into your cave removing yourself so all the drama will stay at bay.

There is this man named Elijah, he actually found a cave and he made it his dwelling place because no one seemed to pay him any attention, gave him nothing but grief, talked about him, and thought he was crazy. Haven’t we all felt this way some time in our life where we wanted to go someplace to hide and shut the world out to be alone, have some me time, or just to get your mind right. However, you can’t stay locked up in your on little world; blocking everything and everybody out forever. God may allow you to do this, have your temper tantrum, for just a little while. Elijah had to be told or treated like a child by God to come out of the cave. God told Elijah to look around at the other people out and about doing His business and Elijah was so into his own world he failed to see that he was not alone. God showed him that there were others in the world that had problems but they were still doing God’s work regardless of their station in life, circumstances, and issues. God showed Elijah, “you are not alone”. Elijah could not understand and God told him I would never send you out to do My work alone there are hundreds & thousands of people out there doing my work also, so don’t ever think you are alone.

We have these cave moments in our own lives when we think God has sent us on some mission and we are alone, not so! God has others working just like you and me, so don’t ever get discouraged because you don’t see with your own eyes others at work. Should we not walk by faith and not by sight? I wonder if Elijah felt foolish as we do, when we discover we are not the only one doing something in life. We all have our bags to carry plus some, but when God has you doing a task in life we need to heed to His command and do it the easy way without complaining or the hard way acting like a child hiding because you can’t have your own way.
By Tina Kay Hughes, author of “TKay’s Inspirational: Walking In Your Season”

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