Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Work In Progress

We wake up every morning with this “to do list”…not even enjoying those last few minutes in bed to get in a peaceful place (through meditation), to hold the one you love laying next to you, to just catch your breath or even put your feet straight up in the air on your head board to allow the blood to move and circulate from one part of the body to another….The “to do list” takes precedence over every thing that will allow your day to start off on a good and right foot or some may say on the right side of the bed…We loose ourselves in these “to do lists” we create for ourselves that have us all flustered before the day even starts…We allow the “to do’s” to run our lives instead of being a constant work in progress, where we are not trying to do it all, be it all, and have it all…at least not all at the same time….

A work in process means just that, throughout life you will work towards your goals and dreams and sometimes the road will get a little bumpy, but we still work at this thing called life…slow down enjoy the scenery, smell the air, taste the goodness of life, listen to the silence….all these things have the ability to bring you back to the middle to be that, work in progress….

A work in progress is who we are, however, some don’t believe this…but we will never arrive, we will never be all that we dream to be, we will never conquer the world because this is how God set life up in such a way that you are not really whole until you meet Him face to face….I am not belittling what anyone does for a living or as a hobby, but a work in progress is actually a good thing where you are allowed to see your accomplishments step by step, because nothing is created or done overnight….it will actually allow you to possibly see something you’ve accomplished but there is always more to do, say, work on and work out….God will always have you come back to the middle where you can see for yourself that He is still and always working on you while you are in this thing called life….We, believe it or not, are His work in process…As of late, I love to talk about you can do it the easy way by riding the tide of life that God has you on…or do it the hard way by going against the tide of life rejecting what God would have you do….either way you are the work in progress that will never end or never stop….So why not enjoy being a work in progress along the way….each day starting anew and fresh by taking a few moments that are just for you before rising, this will allow you to get your head right before that little never ending “to do list” that we all have kicks in each day….we all are a work in progress, enjoy the ride and find peace in being a work in progress…..
By Tina Hughes, Author of “TKay’s Inspirationals: Walking In Your Season”

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