Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Fight

It’s round 6 and I still have 6 more rounds left but here I am laying on the mat on my back with a mouth piece in my mouth but I can taste the blood in my mouth from the last upper cut that hit my face…I’m looking up and all I see are bright lights as this man standing over me is counting…I hear him saying 2,3,4 and I come to myself and realize I’m in the boxing ring, fighting for my life…I really can’t see straight but I crawl over to the ropes and I know I have to make it up on my feet before he gets to 10…all I here as I’m pulling myself up is the referee still counting….6,7…the crowd embraces my opponent of course, with shouts of happiness as he raises his hands with his boxing gloves above his head in a motion indicating he is the winner… however, their cheers began to quickly silence as they see me getting up on my feet and my opponent begins to roll his head around and hit his fists together as he begins to bounce up and down with a jog like he’s ready to put me on my back again….I’m up, I’m in a daze but I can see my opponent in my peripheral vision as the referee looks at my face for any cuts that would disqualify me and he asks you okay, you want call it quits, can you go on…I say I’m fine and I’m ready…the referee motions with his hand to continue fighting with 30 seconds left in this round….In my mind I’m telling myself just make it through this round by bouncing around and avoiding the ropes….My opponent comes at me with jabs like never before but my mind is so clear even though there is blood in my mouth….then I hear the bell ring…I go to my corner thinking okay I’ve made it through another round but there are 6 more to go…My coach (God) says we will never throw in the white towel because you’ve trained for this day…you have all of the techniques down, you’ve watched films on him, you know his tactics so bring them to your remembrance and don’t go back in that ring on your tip toes but do your dance and knock him on him behind…Then my trainer (Jesus) says your body may feel weak right now but we’ve trained too long for this day…keep in the forefront of your mind that you are not weak but you are strong, because through faith you are strengthened…you have all power and authority to not only knock him out but then put your foot on his neck…He gets no glory today and no other day….as I hear the bell ring and I feel all this Vaseline on my face (or the protective oil of God), I’ve been given some water and washed the blood out of my mouth but then my trainer gives me some special water (God’s living water)…to fight this fight, I’m feeling different, rejuvenated, like my body has been reset and recharged and as I stand and the stool is taken away from my corner I feel the presence of my coach and trainer behind me…they are shouting words that only I can hear through the crowd…You are more than a conqueror, I molded you and made you for this day, each step has been ordained & predestined just for you to win this fight, this is your fight to win, don’t be afraid, your opponent has no clue about the hidden weapons you’ve been given as you fight this fight in life (the helmet of salvation, the breastplate of righteousness, the belt of truth, the shield of faith, the shoes of peace, prayer and perseverance to be alert, and the sword which is the word of God)…I’m armed! I feel like a champ every jab that he lands slides off my face like water sliding off my back…He is loosing his steam as I am gaining mine…he begins to go down only to get back up time and time again…I remember my coach telling me that his promoter asked for me by name I began to think and my promoter said you can fight her but you can’t touch her soul it’s been bought and paid for…here it is the 12th round and just like in Revelations my opponent goes down with my left upper cut (that he was not expecting), and my right crossover…he’s down for the count not moving and the referee counts him out at 10….the 12th round I have a technical knock out over my enemy…I wanted it to come sooner but I have the best team in my corner…this fight is much like this thing we call life…we go round for round, not knowing that God has fully prepared you with love, joy, morals, truth, faithfulness, goodness, self control, kindness, peace, patience, and knowledge to win these fights we have to fight in life….God is coaching us everyday and Jesus is training us while the Holy Spirit whispers to you the encouraging words you need to hear to fight another fight, to win another battle, to know that you have the best team in your corner of any ring you are placed in to fight for your very life sometimes…Just know it’s not time to throw in the towel, it’s time to lace up, wrap up, put on all your armor and fight another fight each day…you are going to win as long as you believe and have faith…He’s coming for you because for every new level there are new devils waiting to take you down…so don’t be in the process of getting ready but stay ready cause the enemy is not going to fight fair…You got everything you need and more…let’s take it to the ring because this fight is yours for the taking….
By Tina Kay Hughes, author of “TKay’s Inspirationals: Walking In Your Season”

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  1. What an amazing woman you are with such an amazing story. The angels are over your bed guarding you. There is nothing to fear. You are safe.