Wednesday, February 15, 2012

From Heart

We live in a world where people use other people as an asset, an ATM, a slot machine, a ship traveling from here to there. What I’m saying is most (I did not say all) people form relationships with ulterior motives that the person who is doing the using does whatever they need to get what they want from another. Call it what you want, to me this punk is like hustling someone, pimping someone, and pretending to be something they are not. I think of it as using someone as having a means to an end because the relationship is only temporary with no roots because the imposter (or user) will go to any means necessary to accomplish what they have set out to capture, receive, and use for their own benefit. This type of arrangement will kill a tree because it has been poisoned from the beginning and as soon as the imposter has what they are after the tree falls over dead.

Now, while all this strategic maneuvering is taking place by a leach of a person that wants to suck you dry, the person who has a kind heart, believes in opening themselves up to others is considered to be an asset has a big heart. This kind hearted person does not have a clue about what the consequences of being involved with the con artist who wants to use you how ever you please because you freely give of yourself. The big hearted person does not see what is happening right before their eyes. They may think, “Wow I met a really nice person, I will allow them to come into my life, because they seem to be okay”. However, beyond their wildest dreams they don’t even know they are being plotted upon and about to enter a revolving door to take advantage of the kindness, love, and a willingness to help anyone.

Has this ever happened to you? It has to me! Now after the counterfeit relationship has been found out by you because you begin to become suspicious of some of the things this newly formed friend does and says. While those who really love and care for you, see the games that are being played on you by another. At first, you deny it but what people are telling you causes you to take heed and do a little reflection. It does not feel good by any stretch of the imagination to be played on by anyone. Now that you have been used and the person whom you considered a friend has blown away with the wind knocking down that tree you thought represented your relationship; the initial reaction is disbelief, hurt, and anger. But how you handle the situation is what people are watching to see how you respond.

I shared with you that this has happened to me on numerous occasions because I know in my heart that God will deal with the person who has wronged me; vengents is God’s not mine. I can’t stop believing in filling a need if I see a need. I know people are only human and all people are not the same. Lastly, I’ve been a mess in my life, I’ve done the same, and I have fallen short many times on doing what my Maker would like me to do. So put my trust, faith, and belief that helping those who need help are genuine because what I do for others comes from loving people without any recognition or any reward in this journey called life. We must remember to push on past the foolishness that most times is caused by fools in your life. We must listen to that voice within instead of doing what you want. No one is perfect among us, but God does expect us to continue to help because He has forgiven us time after time for our own short falls.
By Tina Kay Hughes