Tuesday, July 3, 2012

New Discoveries

It amazes me everyday how my child who is now one year old can discover something new that she’s figures out on her own. Recently, she learned the word “Go”, she knows it means she needs her shoes to get into the car and go someplace. So, after I’ve gotten her ready by doing all the things like new diaper, lotion, brushing her teeth, and her bag is ready; she says “Go, Momma, Go”. Sometimes she may even help by putting random things into her bag like a piece of her Mr. Potato Head or a plastic shape. After she has said go so many times she comes find me to see what I am doing or she goes back to watching Nickelodeon Jr. Another thing she has discovered is she can make her body go by sitting on the hardwood floor and pushing herself backwards that I found to astound me. After I noticed her doing this I even tried it and it is a good way to exercise your core and your arms. I can give you all kinds of ways my child amazes even me. The point I am making here is even a baby finds new things in her life that absolutely shock her and me. Why is it that we will not try to learn how to do something everyday? How is it that we are fine with status quo? What is it that we want to do but are afraid of what others might think if you took a leap of faith? When will you trust that God might actually like to give you something but just as your breakthrough is about to happen, you stop? Little children can teach us a little something because they are not afraid, they have not learned what it means to be frightened. We as adults have to think things to death. We want to know all the who’s, what’s, why’s, and how’s before we venture off in a new direction. A lot of people miss out on blessings because of apprehension and lack the faith needed to allow anything that looks unfamiliar to upset the complacency in our lives. However, little children don’t know what to expect if they push a new thing or pull a wrong thing, they just want to see what happens. The next chance you get to watch a very young child who is making new discoveries, sit down and take a minute to observe. I’m sure you will find it’s not very hard to make new discoveries. You will witness that there is nothing wrong with trying a new thing. The longer you wait, more than likely you will never have the faith needed (not even the size of a muster seed of faith) to explore like a child all the wonderful things in this world that are just waiting to be found by you. By Tina Hughes, www.tinakay.net, If you are interested in having me come and speak, I can be reached at contact@tinakay.net

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