Thursday, July 11, 2013

You Gotta Take Chancess!

The only way to improve your own situation is to take multiple chances over a period of matter how many nonresponses you get, no matter how many doors shut in your face, no matter how many times it feels like you have egg on your face you still MUST, I say again MUST, keep pushing forward not allowing anyone to take your pride nor your positive attitude.....Biblically look at Joseph & Ruth.....Then look at the origin of the game monopoly (they were told no MANY MANY times) before they saw any success....they pushed on for years before the no's stopped....they did not give up hope or faith....what makes you any different?  Keep moving, never stopping, don't drop yo head cause then you can't see where you going.....The reality of it is we all have obstacles and trials that's on the real...but the attitude in which you move forward can slow you down (if you are pessimistic) or get you to your destination at the right time in the right place at kiros time (God's time), Selah!

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