Thursday, July 3, 2014

Do Your Thang!

We all have hopes and dreams and we have probably mapped out how to get make this thing we want so dearly come to fruition.  We should all learn before starting out on this goal not to be so rigid in your planning.  Don’t hold on so tightly to this dream of yours.  When you have a goal in mind if it is meant to be things will fall into place so easily and there want be any struggle to make things happen.  You can say getting to your goal is like riding on a small boat (with no engine and no paddles) down a river, just allowing the current to take you to where you need to go.  It may take a few sidetracks here and there but it always comes back to the river.  Those sidetracks may be lessons in life you need to learn in order to get the goal you have in mind. Make sure your plans have a little room for change, don’t hold on to your dream too hard—leave a little leeway for change (those would be the sidetracks on the river of life).  God will place the people and resources you need in your path to make it happen.  Recently, I’ve been working on a website and a spoke with a man who told me he would charge me hundreds of dollars for a service.  I did not grumble or complain, I just tried to figure out how to add this service into my financial scheme.  Then a friend put me in contact with someone and this guy tells me I will do the service for you (better quality) at no charge.  You see what I mean, I went with the flow of things and God opened the door I was to go through for a part of my business to get done.  Don’t be afraid to allow the river of life take you in the direction that feels comfortable and right, even if you don’t know where it is going; hold on to your dream but not with a firm grip—lighten up!

While on this river of life don’t forget to thank God along the way for protecting you from people who mean you no good, schemes, and lies.  If things are not going well and it seems like you are having to force this goal to happen, maybe you need to back away and ask God if this is the right season for this to take place or if it should take place at all.  If you find that every time you try to make some head way with your goal and you run into difficulties and you are forcing things to happen, you may need to rethink it because at this point you are going against the current of the river of life.  It’s okay if you put it down until your season is right or it may not be the right goal for you to have anyway.

We all have goals and dreams and want to do our thing but make sure in your doing you are in God’s plan not your own.  He is faithful and if you are lining up with Him, it will surely come to pass.  Today, loosen your grip on your goals and learn to go with God’s flow.

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