Friday, March 27, 2015

Donate Blood

Operation Push For Blood was created by Tina Kay because she was born with an inherited blood disorder (sickle cell disease) that has no cure and she needs blood often.  After needing blood and there was none available for 4 days she decided to make this one of her platforms, blood donation.   Many people don't realize that genetically it’s best that people who belong to the same ethnic group donate blood to one another to help decrease the number of complications that could possibly com along with using blood from another ethnic group.  In layman’s terms, it is best to receive blood from someone in your race (because more times than not there is a genetic match).  With blood transfusions and blood exchanges being common therapies for people like Tina Kay living with SCD, more African American blood donors are needed!  Tina Kay works closely with Life South Community Blood Centers who provide Alabama with approximately 95% of the blood in Alabama, because their specialty is blood and nothing else.  She's an amazing person according to Life South check it out

Tina has teamed up with First United Community Foundation (501c3), the NAACP (Alabama Conference) & Summit Media Group to get 50,000 African Americans to donate blood by December 31, 2015.  This campaign is in remembrance of our forefathers who shed blood and died for our rights during 'Bloody Sunday', so we are asking today’s generation to donate blood to save the lives of those who look like you.  However, if you cannot donate blood you can donate funds to help the blood donation campaign to help us reach the goal of 50,000 African Americans donating blood by the end of this year, however, donating both ways would be ideal!  Are you interested in entering your organization into the kick off festival to compete against other adult (civic, social, and professional) organizations?  All you have to do is email to enter your organization.  We as a people need to become blood donors for the remainder of your life, so that you can save many lives!

It is sad but true that the percentage of blood donated by black people is not filling the need, meaning more black people need to donate blood.  So, Tina Kay created a movement to educate, engage, and encourage blood donation in her community.  Most times Tina will use her own money to host blood drives in the form of competitions, challenges, festivals, events, and town hall forums to help increase the amount of donated blood.  She works with schools, churches, non-profits, organizations, and events to set up blood drives.  She really needs your help!  Studies have found that 37% of the population can donate blood but only 10% donate and less than 1% of that 10% are African Americans, if you are reading this and you do not donate blood on a regular basis now is your chance to make a difference by donating a kind contribution by visiting (Donate Blood or Donate Funds!)

Did you know every 2 seconds someone in the US needs blood, 1in 7 people who are admitted into the hospital will need blood, 1 blood donation can save the lives of 3 people, if someone started giving blood at the age of 17 years old until they were 76 years old, thousands of lives would be saved, and 4.5 million people will need blood every year.  In order to save lives and provide a better quality of life for others needing blood we need your generous monetary donation!  You never know, it could be your child or you in need of blood one day!

The kick off competitive festival for this campaign will begin Saturday, April 18, 2015 from 10am-6pm in Avondale Park (Birmingham, AL) see, Operation Push For Blood on Facebook, or Arts For Life Festival also on Facebook.  If you would like to enter your group or high school into the kick off festival (blood donation) competition or if you would like to host a blood drive please email
By Tina Kay  

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